This year's second Nordic newsletter is out

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Photo: Cecilie Ravik
Welcome to the 2021 summer issue of Nordicom's Nordic newsletter. Examples of content in this issue are the pandemic's consequences for the Nordic news media, an increasing media consumption in 2020, and a continued Nordic top position in the Digital News Report.
 | 30 June 2021

The situation for news media and journalism are highlighted in two new publications from Nordicom. They look at the extent to which the media fulfil their democratic role in 18 countries – where Denmark and Sweden are among the best performers – and how the pandemic struck Nordic news media.

The pandemic also affected media consumption. Consumption of news, especially TV news and digital news, increased. And following Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2021, Nordic populations continue to lead when it comes to news trust and paying for digital news.

For the first time in years, TV viewing in the Nordics stabilised or increased in 2020, shows a new Nordic factsheet. Moreover, Sweden saw record-high media consumption, and streaming increased overall (reported by the Swedish and Norwegian Media Barometers and the Ministry of Culture’s reports on media development in Denmark).

The newsletter also presents you with new articles in Nordicom Review – about class and media, Nordic journalists’ (different) views on their professional roles, and Google after GDPR.

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