The world’s largest media corporations, 2017

Alphabet (Google), Comcast and Disney are the largest media companies in the world, according to the list of the 100 largest media corporations, compiled by the German research institute Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationspolitik. Spotify, from Sweden, is the highest ranked Nordic corporation on the list, ranking 57th.
 | 30 November 2017

Each year, Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationspolitik [Institute of Media and Communications Policy, IfM] publishes a ranking of the largest media corporations in the world. Pure telecom or technology providers are not included.

Eight of top ten corporations are American

Corporations with headquarters in the US hold the top rankings on the list for 2017. The largest is Alphabet Inc., Google’s name after its re-organization in 2015. Alphabet’s revenue in 2016 was 82 billion euros.

The second largest media company is Comcast, originally a cable TV operator and today also encompassing operations such as TV networks, film production and TV channels (€72.6 billion), while the third largest is the Walt Disney Company (€50.3 billion).

Ten largest media corporations in the world
Lista över de 10 största medieföretagen i världen.

Source: Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationspolitik/Institute of Media and Communications Policy

The ten largest corporations in 2017 vary from Nordicom's latest article on the 2015 ranking, due mainly to mergers and acquisitions. Several of the top ten companies have a base in the American audiovisual and telecom distribution market. Sony Entertainment (Japan) and the Altice Group (the Netherlands) are the only non-American companies in the top-ten ranking.

Looking further down the list, since 2015 Netflix has advanced from 40th to 28th place, and Amazon has moved up from 52nd to 31st. Amazon’s revenue is based mainly on Amazon Prime, while the company’s total revenue is significantly higher.

Five Nordic companies in top 100

Since the IfM began ranking the largest media corporations in 2007, Swedish Bonnier has ranked highest among media companies with their head office in a Nordic country. In 2017 Bonnier, in 65th place, was overtaken by Spotify (SE), in 57th place. Not that Spotify makes more (or any) profit, but the music streaming service has a larger revenue (€2.9 billion) than Bonnier (€2.7 billion).

Among the world’s 100 largest media companies, MTG (SE) ranks 73rd, Schibsted (NO) 86th, Sanoma (FI) 87th, and Egmont (DK) 91st.

Ulrika Facht

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