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NEWSLETTER | 21 December 2020

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Welcome to a new issue of Media Trends in the Nordic Countries: This time with a new look, but with the same ambition – to provide an overview of media trends with the Nordic region in focus.

Examples of content in this issue:

With the Covid-19 crisis, news and media usage increased. Nordicom has mapped the media habits in the Nordic countries during the pandemic Spring.

Media usage is becoming increasingly digital. The generation gap remains, but is slowly declining as the elderly become more digital, a development that seems to have been accelerated by the pandemic.

For the media industry, the pandemic brought large ad losses, according to this year's media economy reports, which also show how Google and Facebook steadily take a larger share of the advertising pie.

As for the global tech giants, their control of our news consumption is revealed in a new Nordicom publication, Silicon Valley and the Power Over the Media (in Swedish only).

When it comes to MIL, or media and information literacy, the newsletter guides you to three webinars on current MIL issues in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Achieving gender equality in the media can take another 70 years, say the researchers behind the anthology Comparing Gender and Media Equality Across the Globe, which includes data from 123 countries.