Video is everywhere

NEW PUBLICATION | 11 December 2017


Web-TV, YouTube channels and plenty of moving images on social media: the use of online video has grown explosively in recent years. The autumn issue of the journal Nordicom Information deals with different dimensions of video usage. ​

The video has developed and become a very important part of our communication, both privately  and publicly. The theme of this year’s second issue of the journal Nordicom Information is Video (Culture) and  it examines the technological development and use of video, as well as its social, cultural and political significance.

“The most used social media are increasingly based on moving images, traditional news media have successfully been using web TV and established newspapers have in many cases doubled their video editing staff”, says editor Maarit Jaakkola. 

The journal contains articles about “Big Video Manifesto” and videography that explore the latest research on video. Other themes are, for example, the camera-pen learning approach, children’s YouTube creativity and amateur film creation. In addition, the articles look at how the Swedish National Library preserves today’s video games underground for tomorrow's researchers and how some researchers have begun to use video abstracts for scientific articles. A total of 32 authors have contributed with 18 articles. The issue ends with a quick guide that transforms ideas into practice: make your own video using only your mobile phone.

To introduce the new issue, we’ve created our own video, where we have asked people from different sectors in the Nordic countries how they use video in their work. The idea is that this video should serve as a presentation of the new issue  and as a contribution to the discussion commenced in the articles.



The Norweigan researchers Tormod Utne, Ana Sánchez Laws and Bjørnar Sævik at Högskolan i Volda have researched the audience’s emotional response to the experience of Viritual Reality and translated ideas into practice in some of their courses. They have written about their experiences in the latest issue of Nordicom Information. In addition, they have made their own video  where they tell us how it all went. Read more and se the video here. 


Read the full issue of Nordicom Information: 39 (2) 2017 Video (Culture), Editors Maarit Jaakkola and Balder Holm.