Vacancy: Nordicom Seeks Scientific Editor

Photo of Nordicom publications and the cover of Nordicom Review.
Nordicom has a job opening for a scientific editor to join our editorial team. The scientific editors’ tasks include overseeing the evaluation process of publications from start to finish, assessing manuscript submissions, managing the peer-review process, and making final acceptance decisions.
 | 15 September 2022

The application deadline for this position has passed.

Nordicom is now seeking a new member for the editorial team, as one of our scientific editors has the opportunity to continue her research at the University of Oslo. Though leaving, Karin Hjorthen Zelano, scientific editor for almost four and a half years at Nordicom, highly recommends the position.

– The role is an intriguing mix of, on the one hand, working alone – making decisions and assessing the scientific quality of manuscripts and peer reviews – and on the other, cooperating closely with others – within our editorial team as well as with external editors and authors, Zelano shares.

Nordicom’s two scientific editors provide support to authors and external editors throughout the writing and evaluation processes of our books and Nordicom Review. An important part of the role as scientific editor is to create, cultivate, and maintain a diverse network with media and communication scholars in the Nordic region and internationally.

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Read more about Nordicom’s academic publishing operations and the vacant role on NordMedia Network, with contributions from editor-in-chief Jonas Ohlsson, continuing scientific editor Johannes Bjerling, and outgoing scientific editor Karin Hjorthen Zelano.

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