Upcoming Nordic media conferences

NEWS | 12 March 2019

During spring and summer, several media conferences will be held in the Nordic countries. The themes include international media trends and challenges facing the media industry, fake intelligence and challenges from both outside and within the media field. 

The Nordicom conference calendar regularly presents conferences in the field of media and communication research, both Nordic and International. Here are some of the Nordic conferences taking place during spring and summer 2019: 


7th of May 2019 

Fake Intelligence Summit 2019, Pori, Finland

“We know the concepts of fake news, data biases and people living in their bubbles. Fake intelligence covers pretty much the same topics but in context of AI: We have to have critical discussions on how data affects to any AI and eventually reveal all kinds of AI bubbles”.

Keynote speaker: Ludovic Bodin, Managing Partner at Kalibrio Capital, overseeing the firm’s business operations. 

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More information about the conference: https://www.fakeintelligence.fi


8th -10th of May 2019 

The Nordic Media Festival 2019, Bergen, Norway

“The Nordic Media Festival is the most prominent and largest media conference in the Nordic region: 1800+ delegates attend, representing the full spectrum of the industry. 100 globally renowned media professionals as speakers. Media heavyweights, creative visionaries and upcoming talent. Our extensive program reflects the most pertinent challenges the industry is facing, best practice and current media trends”.

Some of the sessions and speakers 2019 include: 

Kerri MacDonald, who worked for The New York Times from 2009 to 2018, launched @nytimes on Instagram. Kerri will go through examples of inspiring visual storytelling on Instagram and offer ideas and solutions for those trying to reach new audiences there”. 

Sudeep Das, Ph.D., is a senior researcher for the personalization team at Netflix and is coming to Bergen to give us an overview of how personalization works at the streaming giant.”


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More information about the conference: http://www.nordiskemediedager.no


14th -16th of August 2019 

The Dark Side of Communication, Aalborg, Denmark

2nd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Communication in Professional Contexts. 

“We have seen an upsurge in research into organizational communication, PR communication, corporate communication, branding communication etc. Whereas this voluminous strand of research has delved ever deeper into the instrumental nature of organizational/corporate communication, little attention, outside organizational discourse studies, has been devoted to examining what happens when we allow organizational/corporate communication to constitute the reality in which we live. This conference explores our understanding of what dark side communication activities ‘are’ and what they ‘do’ in or with reference to organizational contexts”.   

Keynote speakers: Professor Dennis Mumby, USA: (Re)Branding the Dark Side: Communicative Capitalism and Neoliberalism, Professor David Boje, USA: Water storytelling and dark side of sixth extinction denial, Assoc. Professor Charlotte Simonsson, Sweden: Managerialism – a threat to communication professionalism?, Assoc. Professor Erika Darics, UK: Coming out of the dark: critical language and discourse awareness as key soft skills

The conference is hosted by the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University.

More information about the conference: https://www.en.cgs.aau.dk/research/conferences/discourse-communication-2019/


21st -23rd of August 2019 

NordMedia 2019, Malmö, Sweden

Communication, Creativity & Imagination: Challenging the Field

"At NordMedia 2019 in Malmö, Sweden, we look forward to addressing our field’s past and current trends, and to envisioning new avenues for creation and collaboration. Examining media and communication studies at the nexus of global shifts affecting and reflected in academia, we aim to track and respond to recent challenges from both outside and within our field, in order to better understand, and reimagine, the ‘state of the art".

Keynote speakers are: Patrick McCurdy (Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, University of Ottawa)and Anja Bechmann (Associate Professor at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies at Aarhus University) 

Keynote panel: Challenging the Field
Raul Ferrer-Conill (lecturer and researcher in media and communications at Karlstad University). Leonardo Custodio (post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR) at Tampere University), Bente Kalsnes (Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University) and Kristian Møller (postdoc at the IT University of Copenhagen). 


Nordicom is co-organizing the NordMedia onference. This year, Nordicoms new digital research platform will be launched

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More information about the conference: https://www.delegia.com/app/netattm/attendee/page/81871