NEWS | 24 Mar 2016

Trends in Europe’s audiovisual markets

The European audiovisual legislation is currently under review. In order to provide background facts for the review, the European Commission has published a number of studies, covering aspects such as trends in the audiovisual markets and the protection of minors.

Since the the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (hereafter AVMSD) entered into force the media market has significantly and rapidly evolved, and the aim of the ongoing evaluation is to assess the directive’s overall functioning in light of recent developments of the market, technology and consumption patterns.

Consequently, the European Commission (DG CONNECT) has commissioned several studies in order to prepare the review of the AVMSD. The following research reports were published on the Commission’s website in March:

On-demand audiovisual markets in the EU
This study provides information concerning viewing patterns online, online advertising, the EU Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVoD) market, and the origin and visibility of EU films on VoD services.

As for the Nordics, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, along with the UK and the Netherlands, are regarded as developed SVoD markets, characterized by a quick adoption rate, early entry of Netflix, and a local reaction of national players. High broadband penetration, high pay-TV penetration, and high English-language literacy are identified as factors that have favoured Nordic consumers’ quick adoption of SVoD services. (Since the report covers the EU only, Norway and Iceland are not included.) The report was prepared for the European Commission by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

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Study on data and information on the costs and benefits of the AVMSD
This document groups together separate reports concerning audiovisual services, data on market revenues and investments, and legal information concerning the protection of minors. It was prepared for the European Commission by the European Audiovisual Observatory. Read more

Study on the exposure of minors to alcohol advertising on TV and on online services
This study provides an overview of minors’ exposure to alcohol advertising on TV, on-demand services and other online services. It covers a number of EU Member States and includes an analysis of the content of a number of alcoholic beverage advertisements. It was prepared for the European Commission by Ecorys. Read more

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