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Top five most read news in 2018

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The male dominated media industry, newspapers trends in the Nordic countries and new media policy guidelines in Finland are among the most read news of 2018. We list the the news highlights from the year that passed. 

1. Media is a Male Business
In the beginning of the year we published a mapping of the gender balance in the 100 largest media corporations in the world. The result shows a significant lack of women among the leadership of all these corporations. 

2. Newspaper Trends in the Nordic Countries
We released a new publication that examined the newspaper trends in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Among other things, the report showed that overall the number of newspapers in the Nordic countries are stable, but with one exception. In Finland a high number of newspapers either closed down or merged. 

3. Media Trends in the Nordic Countries 1-2018
The 2018 first issue of our Nordic newsletter Media Trends in the Nordic Countries included news on newspaper trends in the Nordic countries, increasing digital media use, and a number of media policy initiatives. 

4. The Nordics Peak in in 2018 Digital EU Index
The European Commission’s 2018 digital index showed that Denmark, Sweden and Finland were EU’s best-performing countries in digitalization. Norway, not included in the ranking, was at the same high level as its neighbouring countries. We wrote a piece on the report focusing on the result of the Nordic countries. 

5. New Media Policy Guidelines in Finland
We presented a summary on the new media policy programme in Finland that aims to strengthen media diversity, journalism and media literacy. 


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