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Top five lists: Most read news and publications 2020

Top five most read 2020

World Press Freedom Index 2020, equality in news media and media use among Swedes are among the most read content of 2020. Here are the highlights from the past year.


Top five news 2020

1. World Press Freedom Index 2020

Each year, Reporters Without Borders measures the situation for press freedom in 180 countries. The 2020 Press Freedom Index was topped by four Nordic countries. However, the situation of press freedom is classified as “good” in only 8 per cent of the world's countries, compared to “very serious” in 13 per cent. (Published 18 May 2020)

2. Updates on the changing global media landscape

Three reports presenting world trends and current findings within media development and freedom of expression were released by UNESCO in late 2019. The three In Focus reports cover access to information, elections and media in digital times, and the safety of journalists. (Published 31 January 2020)

3. EU digital index shows Nordics at the forefront

Finland, Sweden and Denmark top the DESI 2020, the European Commission's annual index, tracking the EU countries' progress towards digital economy and society. Norway, not included in the ranking, scores equally high. (Published 26 June 2020)

4. Media VAT in the Nordic countries – similarities and differences

While Denmark has standard VAT for all media except newspapers, Iceland has reduced VAT for virtually all paid media. Norway stands out by applying VAT exemptions to the largest extent. Read more in Nordicom’s mapping of the situation for media VAT in the five Nordic countries. (Published 6 April 2020)

5. The news media won’t reach gender equality for another 70 years

Women are underrepresented in the news media in almost every country in the world. If progress does not accelerate, it will be several decades before the news media reaches gender equality. These are results from a new study, in which a group of researchers have developed a new index, measuring gender equality in the news media. Published by Nordicom (Open Access). (Published 23 November 2020)


Most read news on Nordicom's Scandinavian site 2020

1. Digital dagstidning dominerar och de flesta ser rörlig bild – här är de 13 viktigaste resultaten från Mediebarometern 2019
(The digital newspaper dominates and most people watch TV/online videos – here are the 13 most important results from the Swedish Media Barometer 2019)

2. De globala teknikjättarnas makt över medierna
(Global tech giants control our news consumption)

3. Så konsumerar nordborna nyheter på nätet – resultat från Digital News Report 2020
(Digital News Report: Some of the Nordic results 2020)

4. Extra mediestöd som följd av Covid-19
(Extra media support as a result of Covid-19, April-May)

5. Norden bäst i EU på digitalisering
(EU digital index shows Nordics at the forefront)


Top five publications 2020

1. Mediebarometern 2019
Red: Jonas Ohlsson

2. Comparing Gender and Media Equality Across the Globe: A Cross-National Study of the Qualities, Causes, and Consequences of Gender Equality in and through the News Media
Red: Monika Djerf-Pierre, Maria Edström

3. Silicon Valley och makten över medierna
Författare: Carl-Gustav Lindén

4. Universalism in Public Service Media. RIPE@2019
Red: Philip Savage, Mercedes Medina, Gregory Ferrell Lowe

5. The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama
Red: Pia Majbritt Jensen, Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen


Top five Nordicom Review articles 2020

1. Private Governance of Freedom of Expression on Social Media Platforms: EU content regulation through the lens of human rights standards
Rikke Frank Jørgensen and Lumi Zuleta

2. Mimicking News: How the credibility of an established tabloid is used when disseminating racism
Johan Farkas and Christina Neumayer

3. Landscape, Geopolitics, and National Identity in the Norwegian Thrillers Occupied and Nobel
Robert A. Saunders

4. Establishment versus Newcomers, Critical versus Administrative?: Sketching the structure of the Swedish field of media and communication studies
Johan Lindell

5. From Decoding a Graph to Processing a Multimodal Message: Interacting with data visualisation in the news media
Martin Engebretsen


Top five Nordic Journal of Media Studies articles 2020

1. A Review of Formal and Informal Regulations in the Nordic Influencer Industry
Crystal Abidin, Kjeld Hansen, Mathilde Hogsnes, Gemma Newlands, Mette Lykke Nielsen, Louise Yung Nielsen and Tanja Sihvonen

2. Even in Sweden? Misinformation and elections in the new media landscape
Ralph Schroeder

3. Legitimising a Feminist Agenda: The #metoo petitions in Sweden 2017–2018
Karin Hansson, Malin Sveningsson, Hillevi Ganetz and Maria Sandgren

4. Media Literacy and the Emerging Media Citizen in the Nordic Media Welfare State
Michael Forsman

5. Factoring Size into the Equation: Media studies, politics, and small states
Jón Gunnar Ólafsson