Top 25 Nordic media companies in 2014

NEWS | 1 December 2015

Five Nordic media companies are significantly larger than the other players on the market, with Swedish media group Bonnier remaining the largest media company in the region. The distance down to Finnish Sanoma, in second place, is nonetheless smaller than before. The most profitable media company among the 25 largest Nordic media groups is the Swedish telecom company Com Hem.

A majority of the 25 largest media companies in the Nordic region reported stagnated or even declining revenues in 2014. New accounting standards complicate direct comparisons with 2013, however. Most companies on the top list continued to report profits in 2014 as well.

The most profitable companies on the list are the two Swedish TV distributors Com Hem, with a gross margin of +29%, and Teracom, with a gross margin of +14%. For the second straight year, Swedish newspaper group Stampen reported the largest loss among the 25 companies on the list, with a gross margin of -9%.

The 25 largest media companies in the Nordic countries 2014 (million Euro

Source: Nordicom (based on companies' annual reports and web sites).
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The five largest companies
The five largest Nordic media companies – Bonnier, Sanoma, MTG with its sister companies in the Stenbeck sphere, Schibsted Media Group, and Egmont – are those that have the greatest breadth in their business operations and geographical spread. This group has kept its position at the top of the list from year to year, although the ranking between them has shifted. Other companies are active on fewer markets, either geographically or in terms of activity.

Programme companies, TV distribution and print
All major Nordic television companies are included in the list, either as subsidiaries of large groups (Bonnier’s TV4 in Sweden and MTV Finland, Sanoma’s Nelonen in Finland, the Stenbeck sphere’s channels in the Nordic countries, and Egmont’s TV2 in Norway) or as their own units, such as Discovery Communications with operations in all Nordic countries except Iceland, and TV2 Denmark (partly public service TV), owned by the Danish state. The Nordic public service companies are also on the list, with the exception of RÚV in Iceland.

Five distribution companies are among the top 25, and include cable, satellite, broadband and terrestrial operators. Norwegian Telenor, which distributes TV in the Nordic countries (Canal Digital), and Danish TDC are both parts of major telecom corporations, but are ranked here based on their TV-related activities. Com Hem is active in Sweden, while Teracom (owned by the Swedish state) owns and operates the terrestrial networks in Sweden and Denmark, and stands behind Boxer TV. Get is active in Norway. In addition, MTG is also a significant player on the Nordic TV distribution market.

Another group is a number of companies with core businesses in the print media. The largest is Aller from Denmark, followed by Amedia, Stampen, JP/Politikens Hus, Otava, Alma Media, Berlingske Media, Gyldendal and KF.

Nordic ownership
The Nordic media market is also Nordic concerning ownership structure: only five of the 25 largest companies have owners outside the region. The three distribution companies Com Hem, TDC television (which includes Denmark’s largest distributor, YouSee) and Get are all owned by foreign private equity firms. Get was acquired by TDC in October 2014. The fourth is the media group comprising the Nordic subsidiaries of US-based Discovery Communications. The last is the Danish newspaper group Berlingske Media, which was sold by the UK Mecom group to the Belgian media company de Persgroep at the beginning of 2015.

Discovery Communications has also been involved in structural affairs that have affected the Nordic media markets in 2015. While the group has sold its Nordic radio networks to the German media company Bauer Media, it has instead increased its ownership in the Eurosport network to 100%.

The 25 largest media companies in the Nordic countries 2014 (Excel)
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