Telecommunications report: Broadband speed steadily on the rise

NEWS | 11 November 2020

Omslag nordisk-baltisk telekomrapport 2019

In the Nordics fixed telephony subscriptions sharply decline and mobile subscriptions stagnate, while fibre subscriptions and broadband speed are steadily on the rise. These are some takeaways from the most recent telecommunications report on the Nordic and Baltic telecommunications markets.

The national regulatory authorities in the Nordic and Baltic countries produce an annual comparative report on their telecommunications markets.

The most recent report, published 30 September 2020, includes findings from 2014 to 2019. Here, some findings from the Nordic countries in 2019 are highlighted.

Finland leads in mobile subscriptions, but Sweden leads in usage

Finland again leads the Nordics in mobile subscriptions per capita (1.7 compared to 1.1–1.4 in the other Nordic countries), but is the only country with a decrease in mobile call minutes.

Sweden dominated mobile call minutes per capita, at 293, with the next highest Nordic country, Norway, at 228. The total number of mobile subscriptions throughout the Nordics is stagnating.

Finland dominates mobile data usage

Though use of mobile data continues to increase in all Nordic countries, Finland has almost three times the amount of mobile data usage per capita (36.3 GB per month) as the next highest Nordic country, Denmark (13.2 GB per month). The popularity of unlimited data subscriptions in Finland contributes to this finding.

Fixed telephony continues to decline across the Nordics

Fixed telephony subscriptions and the number of fixed call minutes is steadily decreasing in the Nordics, with Finland and Norway at the bottom (5 and 8 subscriptions per hundred people) and Iceland at the top (32).

Finland also trails in fixed call minutes (5 per capita per month) and Iceland also leads this category (43). Iceland plans to gradually transfer all fixed networks over to Internet Protocol (IP) technology.

Sweden leads in fast broadband, and Finland leads in total broadband subscriptions

Subscriptions for broadband speeds of at least 100 megabits per second are increasing throughout the Nordic region. With 32 subscriptions per hundred inhabitants, Sweden takes the lead, followed by Iceland with 26 subscriptions per hundred. Fibre subscriptions have steadily increased in all Nordic countries, causing broadband upload speeds to also steadily increase.

While Denmark and Norway had the most subscriptions for fixed broadband (44 and 42 per hundred people), Sweden and Iceland follow close behind (39 and 38), making the Nordic situation rather even, though Finland lags behind at 33 per hundred.

However, when it comes to mobile broadband subscriptions, Finland is at the top with 38 subscriptions per hundred people. This means that if you add mobile and fixed broadband subscriptions, Finland leads with 71 broadband subscriptions per hundred, followed by Denmark with 63.

Norway and Iceland lead investments, while Sweden and Finland trail

Norway has a marked increase from last year in investments in tangible fixed assets per capita (EUR 231), while Iceland has decreased to EUR 213 EUR per capita, bringing them closer together. Sweden has decreased investments for the third year, with EUR 132 per capita in 2019, and Finland has a slight decrease at EUR 89. Though solidly in the middle of the pack, Denmark has a marked increase from last year, with EUR 199 per capita.

Norway again leads in revenues, with EUR 408 per capita. The other Nordic countries follow suit, all on the same level of around EUR 350 per capita, and all trailing slightly during 2019


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Press releases/news from the national authorities, 30 September 2020

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About the report: Telecommunications Markets in the Nordic and Baltic Countries 2019 includes data for the five Nordic countries and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The report is published annually by the national telecom regulatory agencies and presents developmental trends for the individual countries through 2019.