NEWS | 13 Nov 2017

The Swedish Media landscape: a classic in a new version

“A classic and a standard work for anyone looking for an overview of the media landscape.” That’s the description of the new book, Det svenska medielandskapet [The Swedish Media Landscape], that will be launched early next year. The book, now in its twelfth edition, has been published under various titles, most recently Massmedier. It documents media conditions since the 1970s. Two of the three authors are from Nordicom.

Early next year the book Det svenska medielandskapet [The Swedish Media Landscape] will be published in a new edition. The 2018 edition will be the twelfth, and it is subtitled traditionella och sociala medier i samspel och konkurrens [Traditional and Social Media in Interaction and Competition.]

Ingela Wadbring, professor of media development and director of Nordicom, is one of the book’s three authors. Ingela Wadbring has been one of the co-authors since 2008 and she notes that the biggest difference from previous editions is that social media now is covered in the same way as traditional media.

’Although we discussed digitization in previous editions, social media was treated secondarily. Even though the book focuses on news media, news from traditional media is now widely distributed via social media, and it is becoming increasingly important, especially among young people. In addition, questions regarding filter bubbles, algorithms and fake news relate to social media, and so they are important issues for a book about the Swedish media landscape’

Portrays the development and conditions of the media 
Newspapers, radio, TV and social media are important components of our society. To assess the content that is being communicated through these different channels, it’s important to know the conditions under which the media operates.

This book is grounded in both historical and contemporary conditions of the media, and aims to portray media development. It is suitable for use in several different educational levels. 

A long history
The Swedish Media Landscape was first released in 1970 and was then called Press, Radio, TV. As the media landscape changed, the book title did too and during the last few years it’s been called Massmedier [Massmedia]. Lennart Weibull, Professor Emeritus in Mass Media research was, together with Professor Stig Hadenius, the author of the first edition in 1970. 

 ‘The purpose of the book has been the same since the start: to describe the conditions of the media. However, the work has changed radically. In 1970 there was no research on media, so finding the necessary information was difficult. Today the situation is completely different, with an abundance of research, reports and media data to navigate in!', says Lennart Weibull. 

The book is published by Liber and is expected to be released during the second week of 2018, but it’s already available for pre-ordering here. A sample of the book, which includes preface and table of content can be found here. The book is published in Swedish only. 


The book is written by Lennart Weibull, Ingela Wabring and Jonas Ohlsson. Ingela and Jonas work at Nordicom, Ingela as director and Jonas as researcher. Lennart Weibull is Professor Emeritus in Mass Media research and senior researcher at the SOM-institute, University of Gothenburg.