NYHET | 20 Jan 2014

Swedes and the Internet 2013

Smartphones and tablets make the internet available everywhere. Around two thirds of the Swedish population use a mobile phone to connect to the Internet.

Young people are the main drive in the growth of smart phones. Eight of ten 12-15-year-olds use a smartphone daily, compared to only five percent two years ago. All this according to Swedes and the Internet 2013, a new report from .SE.

Other results show that nearly half of two-year-olds use the internet, that a third of young people's internet time is spent on social networks and that, among 25-60-year olds, 40 percent of the Internet time is spent sharing content from traditional media.

Swedes and the Internet is the annual report of. SE based on the survey of the same name. The annual study of Swedes Internet and media habits was established in 2000 as part of the international project World Internet Project.

The full report can be downloaded here.