PUBLICATIONS | 27 Aug 2018

Sweden needs a national policy for MIL

It is time that Sweden, just like many other countries, develop a national policy framework to strengthen media and information literacy (MIL) among the citizens. Ulla Carlsson, Professor and UNESCO Chair on Freedom of Expression at the University of Gothenburg has submitted a knowledge overview to the government containing suggestions and actions on how to increase MIL. 

Discussions on how media and information literacy can be strengthened and developed in Sweden have been going on for several years. It is an important issue in a democratic society built on well-informed, committed, involved and critical citizens. The digitalization of society places high demands on everyone to understand, value, use and express themselves through media and information channels. 

 - In view of the rapid media development, which includes questions about artificial intelligence, it is important that Sweden develop a national MIL policy as soon as possible, just like many other countries have already done, says Ulla Carlsson.

Ulla Carlsson has now submitted a knowledge overview of MIL to the government, a task which was assigned to Nordicom by the Ministry of Culture.  As a former director of Nordicom and now UNESCO Chair on Freedom of Expression at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, JMG, Ulla Carlsson has been responsible for the accomplishment of the knowledge overview. 


The overview seeks to capture challenges and opportunities regarding MIL in the time of digitalization. It is based on a survey of MIL efforts in Sweden, both in research and in practice, as well as European and international outlooks. The final chapter presents conclusions that can be drawn from various parts of the knowledge overview. A forward-looking scenario is also presented. 

Read the knowledge overview here (in Swedish) 


From a Nordic perspective: The knowledge overview also contains examples of MIL efforts in Norway and Finland