NEWS | 5 Sep 2016

Suggestion for NRK's financing in Norway

An expert committee suggests that the financing for NRK, the Norwegian public service company, should be based on a licence fee (a household fee), that should be platform-neutral, and include both linear and non-linear services.

In July, the expert group, established to review alternatives for public funding of NRK, presented its report to the Ministry of Culture. The committee has assessed various alternative future funding models for NRK, analysing the degree to which the models safeguard NRK’s need for editorial independence, legitimacy among the population, and financial stability over time.

The financing models assessed, besides the current Norwegian system of licence fees (kringkastingsavgift), are the various models employed in Denmark, Finland and Germany.

The report also provides an overview of how public service media financing is organized in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden, as well as in the UK and some other European countries.

The report, Finansering av @NRK. Alternative fremtidige modeller for offentlig finansiering av NRK, is available in Norwegian.


Report on commercial public service media in December: In August, the Commission for Media Pluralism (Mediemangfoldsutvalget), which is to submit its final report on 1 March 2017, was asked to deliver an interim report on the conditions for commercial public service media before Christmas this year. The background to this is that the Norwegian TV2, a commercial TV company holding a public service agreement with the State, chose not to apply for a new public service concession for the period 1 January 2017-31 December 2019.

Further reading (in Norwegian): Hvordan skal NRK finansieres? Og hva med TV 2? by Vilde Schanke Sundet, Lillehammer University College. The article was published online in Vox Publica 7 September 2016.