A strong boost for Nordic drama collaboration

NEWS | 26 March 2019

Never before has so much TV drama been co-produced across Nordic boundaries. The Nordvision 2018 results show a new record for collaboration on drama between the Nordic public service companies.

The past year turned out to be the second-best year in Nordvision’s history, after the record-breaking year of 2017. Drama and programmes for children are the two largest categories, accounting for almost one third each of the co-productions in 2018.

Moreover, the drama collaboration hit a new high with a total of 511 Nordic drama episodes, equivalent to 410 hours of Nordic drama content. This corresponds to an increase of over 60 per cent in both the number of programme episodes and hours, compared to 2017.

The focus on drama is a response to the growing competition from global streaming giants. It was in April last year that DR, Yle, RÚV, NRK and SVT launched Nordic Twelve, a strategy for increasing Nordic drama production.

The expanded cooperation means that the Nordic public service TV channels co-produce a minimum of twelve new Nordic drama series every year. Each month, a new Nordic drama series will be available to viewers in all five Nordic countries, as both traditional broadcast and streamed content; and every series will be available in all the Nordic countries for twelve months.

In 2018 a hot topic was voice control and voice assistants, even within the Nordic media partnership. During the past year Google launched its voice assistant in Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian, and now four public radio broadcasters – SR in Sweden, Swedish-speaking Yle in Finland, NRK radio in Norway, and DR radio in Denmark – have developed apps for radio listening via voice assistants.

Find Nordvision's annual report 2018 here (in English and Scandinavian)

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Number of co-productions and programme exchanges among the Nordic public service media organisations 2012–2018, table from Nordicom’s statistical database (Excel)


About: Nordvision, established in 1959, is a TV and media partnership involving DR (Denmark), Yle (Finland), RÚV (Iceland), NRK (Norway), and SVT, SR and UR (Sweden). Its 2018 annual report provides key data and information on co-productions, programme and knowledge exchange, and so on, for the year among the Nordic public service broadcasters.