NYHET | 5 Feb 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018


Safer Internet Day Tuesday February 6 – Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you. 

Since 2004 safer internet is in focus in the second week of February. This year’s theme is a call to all stakeholders to play their part in making internet a better place for all users. Conferences, events, actions and campaigns are launched to raise awareness and knowledge in order to ensure a better digital experience, especially for the youngest users.

Activities in the Nordic countries on Safer Internet Day (SID):
The Media Authority in Denmark is launching a new campaign. 

In Finland the whole week of February 5-11 is dedicated to Media Literacy and Internet Safety offering many different activities, campaigns and events coordinated by the National Audiovisual Institute KAVI.  

The Norwegian Media Authority, Medietilsynet, will arrange a conference in Norway “How can we assist children and youth on the net?”. 

The Swedish organisation Surfa Lugnt/Safe Surfing marks the day with a seminar where a prize to an organization or initiative promoting communication between youth and adults is awarded. 


On the topic of safer internet issues, see also the Internet Literacy Handbook, recently published by the Council of Europe (December 21, 2017)


Related literature 
The Nordicom book "Towards a Better Internet for Children. Policy Pillars, Players and Paradoxes"  (2013) seek to raise critical debate on just how mainstream are policies to protect young people, promote their best interests online and empower them to avail of the full range of digital opportunities? Against a background of increased international tension and debate over whether the internet should be regulated at all, contributors adopt a somewhat different position and assess the forms, contexts and evidence in favour of action – regulatory and otherwise – needed to support safer and better outcomes for young people.



About Safer Internet Day: Starting as a EU initiative SID is now celebrated also outside Europe in approximately 130 countries. Read more about SID and find out more about activities in different countries. 



Catharina Bucht