Researchers map the Finnish and Swedish media landscapes

NEWS | 5 December 2017

Finland's Media Landscape and The Swedish Media Landscape – these are two books with the same concept, written by Nordic media researchers, and published almost simultaneously in Finland and Sweden. Both are examples of publications documented by Nordicom during 2017.

Both the Finnish and Swedish books describe and analyse the history, conditions, and role in society of the countries’ respective media, covering the technical development, economic conditions, audience patterns, and media policy. Other subjects included are news and journalism development. The books are published in the countries’ domestic languages.

Finland’s Media Landscape: Suomen mediamaisema
This book, which describes the development of traditional media sectors, new media forms, media for linguistic minorities, media economics and news production, ends with two forward-looking chapters on Internet and media policy. It is an anthology, with contributions from twelve Finnish researchers and experts, and its editors are Kaarle Nordenstreng and Hannu Nieminen. The book is published by Vastapaino (not open access).

The Swedish Media Landscape: Det svenska medielandskapet
Four sections in this book describe the emergence of the Swedish media, the current situation for media as well as news and journalism, and media in society. The book's subtitle Traditional and Social Media in Interaction and Competition reflects the fact that this edition has treated social and traditional media equally. Its authors are Lennart Weibull, Ingela Wadbring and Jonas Ohlsson. The book is to be published by Liber in early 2018 (not open access).

Name changes reflect the media development
The books’ long histories of publication include several name changes, which also reflects the media development. The Finnish book was first published in 1986 under the title Finland's Communications System, later changing its name to Mass Communication in Finland, and, since 2001, has been titled Finland's Media Landscape.

The first Swedish edition was released in 1970 under the title Daily Press Radio TV, later switching to Mass Media, while the latest issue has been named The Swedish Media Landscape.[1]


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[1] These are Nordicom’s own translations. All titles are published in the original languages only. Original titles in Finnish: Joukkoviestintä Suomessa, Suomen viestintäjärjestelmä and Suomen mediamaisema. Original titles in Swedish: Press radio och tv, Massmedier and Det svenska medielandskapet.