NEWS | 12 Jun 2015

Report on Nordic Films Crossing Borders

The number of Nordic titles distributed in neighbouring Nordic countries has steadily grown. But what were the top Nordic film exports in the Nordic region and internationally between 2009-2013 and how successful really was the Millennium film trilogy?

In the report Nordic Films Crossing Borders commissioned by Nordisk Film & TV Fond, project researcher Sara Keskinarkaus answers the questions above with hard facts and figures and gives a comprehensive view of Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish films’ abilities to travel. The 47 page report is based on qualitative data collection and desk research and covers more than 800 Nordic titles premiered in 2009-2013.

The perspective of the report moves from the local to pan-Nordic and finally worldwide successes of Nordic film. The report is divided into six chapters. At first, the focus is on the national characteristics of Nordic film. The second chapter is an overview of Nordic cinema trends and a dive to Nordic film successes. Nordic numbers lead to the international successes and more specific analysis of children and youth films and documentary hits.

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About Nordisk film & TV Fond: The fund was established in 1990 to promote high quality film and TV productions by allocating funding for Nordic feature films, TV fiction and series, and creative documentaries. The fund is backed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the five Nordic film institues and 11 Nordic television channels. To get funding, the project must have a significant audience potential primarily in the Nordic countries and secondarily in the global market. Projects for children and youth are given priority.