NEWS | 3 Nov 2014

Report on media development in Sweden

The Swedish Broadcasting Authority's annual report Media Development 2014 describes the Swedish media market with a focus on media consumption, industry structure and regulation.

The media market is changing. Technological development affects how we consume media, which also changes the conditions for media industry players. The report Media Development 2014 highlights different aspects of this media development.

Under the headline "The paradoxical media development", Media Professor Jesper Strömbäck writes about a media landscape where access to media is becoming an increasingly important democracy issue. For each individual it is becoming easier to select and deselect news, according to interest.

Jonas Ohlsson, media researcher at NORDICOM, analyses developments in the Swedish media market, where the established media companies are facing major challenges due to changing audience and advertising patterns.

The report also deals with the increasing individualization of media consumption and how content is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor for media companies. At the same time as the competition for the audience's time is sharpening, differences in media consumption between age groups are growing.

The shift in consumer patterns is also reflected in household expenditures on media. Today, the cost of digital media greatly exceeds that of print media; the highest amounts Swedish households currently pay are those for mobile telephone services and Internet connections.

The report can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Direct link to PDF-report.

NORDICOM has contributed statistics and information about ownership, market structure and media consumption.