Report maps business models of Nordic local and city newspapers

NEWS | 31 August 2017

A report published by the Communication Research Centre CRC at the University of Helsinki explores the business models of local and city newspapers in Scandinavia. The report, written in Finnish, is based on a description and comparison of cases in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The data consist of pre-existing material such as media companies’ financial reports from 2007-2015, and also include a qualitative data set of interviews with key persons in Scandinavia, conducted in 2016. From Sweden, Mittmedia and NTM Group are included; from Norway, Amedia and Sunnmørsposten; and from Denmark, North Media and Jysk Fynske Medier. 

It was found that the Nordic business models in local and city newspapers, particularly in Norway and Sweden, are very similar to each other, even if no single model exists. Platformization, transformations of audiences, and the end of the broadcast paradigm pose new challenges.

Some policy recommendations were also drawn from the interviews. Among other things, geographical personalization of news and feedback loop, in which new models are initially tested in one part of the company only, as well as the organization of events to help readers become committed to the newspapers, are recommended as future means of improvement.

The study is conducted within the research project The New Business Models of News Media in the Nordic Countries, funded by the Finnish Newspapers Association and the Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland


Read the report (in Finnish): Paikallis- ja kaupunkilehtien uudet liiketoimintamallit Pohjoismaissa (PDF)
The Communication Research Centre CRC at the University of Helsinki





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