Report on the Danish book market 2015

NEWS | 1 December 2015

The Book and Literature Panel in Denmark has published its first report, a mapping - not previously been done to the same extent - of the existing statistics on the book market in Denmark. In addition, the report presents new interdisciplinary statistics in the field. Moreover, it offers a number of recommendations for the improvement of existing statistics.


The Panel has expanded the study area compared to previous studies of the Danish book market; for example, the report looks at the libraries as an integrated part of the market. It also looks beyond the borders of Denmark, with a global chapter. Finally, for this first report the Panel has commissioned a survey of self-publishers on the Danish book market.

The Panel’s chairman, Professor Stig Hjarvard, University of Copenhagen, says: “Digitalisation, liberalisation and globalisation are three main trends that have an impact on the book market and thus the current state of literature. It is important for cultural policy to get an overview of trends in the book market in the light of the ongoing changes. This report is a first step towards creating a nationwide statistics and annual reporting on the book and literature situation in Denmark.”

The report is published in Danish and English.

Read more and download the report "Book and Literature 2015", English
Read more about the Book and Literature Panel, on the site of the Danish Agency for Culture, in Danish