Pay walls strengthened local newspapers’ ad potential

NEWS | 4 April 2017

Norwegian local newspapers have strengthened their opportunities to earn online advertising revenue after having introduced digital subscription fees. This is reported in a new study by the BI Centre for Creative Industries (BI:CCI).

BI:CCI, a research centre at the BI Norwegian Business School, has conducted a study on the ad potential of digital local newspapers with pay models for online content. The study shows that neither readers nor advertisers disappeared after the papers started charging users for their online reading.

According to the report, ad opportunities improved for online newspapers after the introduction of user payment. The newspapers also succeeded in getting their local, loyal print readers to become digital users. The readers who disappeared were mostly volatile, random and distance readers, who are not particularly interesting to local advertisers.

Read more and download the report (in Norwegian)


More about the study: The report is based on interviews with people from the advertising and marketing departments at 23 local newspapers, and a survey among readers of four local newspapers. The BI Centre for Creative Industries (BI:CCI) is a research centre for the creative industries established by the BI Norwegian Business School in 2014 to promote research and education in this field in Norway.