NEWS | 26 Mar 2014

Norwegian Media Barometer 2013: Steady increase in Net use

In Norway, Internet use is increasing in both reach and time. Reading of print newspapers shows a downward trend, while online reading is going up. These are some of the results from the Norwegian Media Barometer 2013, a survey conducted by Statistics Norway.

The share of Norwegians who use the Internet on an average day increased from 80 per cent in 2012 to 85 per cent in 2013. Time of use rose from 95 to 112 minutes. These increases are independent of gender and age, the elderly excepted.

Just as many read the newspaper online as on paper

Reading of newspapers’ print versions has decreased, while the opposite is true for online reading. According to the Media Barometer, 52 per cent of the Norwegian population read the newspaper online, while 51 per cent read it on paper. The share of those who read the newspaper independent of platform, however, is rather stable, even over time. In 2001, 79 per cent read a newspaper on a daily basis, compared to 76 per cent in 2013.

TV viewing decreases, radio listening remains stable

TV viewing, which long remained stable at around 80 per cent, is now at 74 per cent, a decline from 77 per cent in 2012. Time spent watching TV also decreased somewhat. The largest decline is among the young, 16-24-year-olds, in both reach and viewing time.

The share who listen to radio, as well as listening time, have increased a bit in recent years. In 2013, 59 per cent listened to the radio on a daily basis, almost the same as the year before. Thirteen per cent listened to a DAB radio.

Internet increase also in Sweden

A comparison with preview results from Nordicom-Sweden’s Media Barometer (to be published in May) shows similarities and differences between the countries. Daily Internet use increased in Sweden as well, from 74 per to 77 per cent. Time spent online has also grown, with 2013 being the first year that Swedes spent more time online than on watching TV.

Total newspaper reading (print and/or online) declined from 69 to 66 per cent between 2012 and 2013. Radio listening decreased for some years, but has now kept a stable level of 67 per cent daily listening since 2011. The share of the Swedish population watching TV on an average day has stayed at around 83-85 per cent for some years.

Share of population aged 9-79 years who use different media on an average day in 2013 in Norway and Sweden (%)

Note: A selection. See the reports for more information.
Sources: The Norwegian Media Barometer 2013 (Statistics Norway), Nordicom-Sweden’s Media Barometer 2013 – a preview (Nordicom-Sweden).


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About the surveys
The annual Media Barometer surveys provide data on people’s access to and use of different media types. The surveys are conducted through telephone interviews with a representative sample of the total population aged 9-79 years, in each country. The first Norwegian Media Barometer was conducted in 1991, and the report is published every year in March (PDF). The Swedish Media Barometer started in 1979 and is published every year in May (printed report, basic tables online).