NEWS | 8 Feb 2019

Norwegian children’s media use

In a recent newsletter, medianorway summarises some of the key trends in Norwegian children’s and young people’s media use – in a country which is among the world’s best digital performers.

In Norway, access to the Internet, and to smart-phones, is almost universal. When it comes to Norwegians’ media use, especially smartphones have proven to be very important.

What does it mean for children's media habits, when nine of ten children aged 10-11 years – and almost half of the children aged 6-9 years – have their own smartphone; and when almost all children have access to a tablet? Do the children still read books and watch the big TV screen?

In the newsletter, medianorway looks at both the equipment children use and have access to, and which media children use the most. Whether online media beat the traditional media, and whether children's media habits deviate much from those of adults, are also in focus.

The data used are taken mainly from three different media use surveys: Kantar TNS’ survey Mediebarn [Media Children], Statistics Norway’s survey Norwegian Media Barometer, and the Media Authority’s survey Barn og Medier [Children and Media - more information in English here].

The newsletter Fremtidens mediebrukere [Media users of the future] is available in Norwegian only, but some of the statistics can be found in English on medianorway’s website.


Download the newsletter via medianorway's website (in Norwegian)
Download the newsletter in PDF directly (in Norwegian)


More information: medianorway is a public information centre located at the University of Bergen and financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, with the objective of documenting media trends and development in Norway. medianorway compiles Norwegian media statistics from a number of different sources and publishes the data on the Internet, and is part of Nordicom’s Nordic media statistics network.