Norway to start closing down FM network early 2017

NEWS | 30 November 2016

Next year, nationwide radio in Norway will go fully digital. The FM transmissions will be closed down county by county, starting in January 2017. Most local radio stations will be able to continue on the FM network until 2022.

In early 2011, the Norwegian Government submitted a government bill on digital radio which ruled that the FM network could be closed down by 2017.

The digital switchover was subject to a number of conditions, however: the digital network should expand to the same coverage as the FM network; listeners should be offered added value through supply and technology; half of the listening should take place on digital platforms; and there should be suitable solutions for DAB radio in the car.

In April 2015, the Norwegian Government decided that the conditions had been met and that the nationwide radio (including the large commercial networks in the cities) should be fully digital from 2017 on. The analogue network will be shut down county by county, starting on January 11th.

The local radio stations, which will continue on FM, have recently been granted extended FM concessions, which will last until December 31st, 2021.


More information is available at the Norwegian Media Authority’s website and in a status report published in October by Digitalradio Norge (owned by NRK and MTG/P4); see links below.

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