NEWS | 18 Mar 2020

The Nordics – Europe’s most avid online consumers

When it comes to online shopping, social media and Internet of Things, the Nordics are in the forefront. This is shown when Statistics Denmark compares IT habits in the Nordic countries and the EU.

Cover It-anvendelse i befolkningen 2019In a new report, Statistics Denmark looks into the digital habits of the Danish population, including comprehensive comparisons with the other Nordic countries and the EU.

The comparisons are based on a harmonised European study, conducted in all EU countries plus Iceland and Norway, of the population aged 16–74 years.

Among the results are:

  • Eight of ten Nordic people shop online. In Denmark, on top of the list together with the UK, 84 per cent of the population has purchased a product or service online. The corresponding proportion in Norway and Sweden is 82 per cent, in Iceland 79 per cent and in Finland 73 per cent. The EU average is 63 per cent.
  • About one-third of the inhabitants of the Nordic countries have bought books, e-books, magazines or newspapers online. It is most common in Sweden and Norway (35–36%).
  • Three Nordic countries top the list of social media use: Iceland, where 92 per cent of the population use social media, Norway with 86 per cent and Denmark with 81 per cent. In Sweden and Finland, 72 and 67 per cent use Facebook, Twitter or similar services, respectively, which places the countries at number six and seven on the list.
  • As for Internet of Things, the Nordic countries are (together with the Netherlands) ahead of other EU countries. In Denmark, 23 per cent of the population use Internet-connected products, in the Netherlands 21 per cent, in Sweden and Norway 19 per cent and in Iceland 17 per cent. Meanwhile, Finland's 12 per cent is close to the EU average of 10 per cent.

Other areas surveyed in the report include cloud services, IT security and IT knowledge.

The report is in Danish and includes a preface and summary in English.

Read the full report It-anvendelse i befolkningen 2019 [ICT use by individuals 2019]

Find key data and read about the survey in English


About the statistics: The national statistical offices in the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, conduct annual studies on ICT usage by individuals, based on a European model questionnaire coordinated by Eurostat. The surveys are sample surveys in the population aged 16–74 years, and data are presented in Eurostat’s database and in national reports (see below). The results above refer to Spring 2019.

Several countries, including Denmark above, expand their national surveys with more questions and broaden the sample to a larger proportion of the population (Denmark 15–89 years, Norway 16–79 years, Sweden 16–85 years).



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