NEWS | 16 Mar 2015

The Nordics best digital performers in new EU index

The European Commission has created an index to monitor Member States’ progress towards a digital economy and society. Denmark, Sweden and Finland rank respectively first, second and fourth among the EU countries.

The new Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) will help in the assessment of Member States’ progress towards the objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe, giving a picture of each country based on five dimensions:

  • Connectivity shows how widespread, fast and affordable broadband is;
  • Human capital includes, e.g., share of net users, basic digital skills and share of ICT specialists;
  • Use of the Internet includes a variety of activities, such as news reading and online shopping;
  • Integration of digital technology, for example e-invoices and cloud-based services; and
  • Digital public services, for example e-government and e-health.

The index combines more than 30 indicators and uses a weighting system to rank each country based on its digital performance.

Nordic region tops four of five dimensions
Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands fall into the cluster of high-performance countries. The matrix below shows the Nordic countries’ rankings in the overall index and for the five dimensions. Denmark is best in the EU in the integration of digital technologies and the use of digital public services in the community (e-government, e-health services), while Sweden is on top when it comes to Internet use and Finland ranks first for human capital (Internet skills). As for the connectivity dimension, first place is held by Belgium.

DESI Index: The Nordic countries’ rankings among the EU28

Source: DESI Index (European Commission).

More detailed results for the indicators are included in the different areas presented in the profiles for each country. Data are also available for Iceland and Norway, although they are not part of the DESI compilation.

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