Nordic TV and media partnership sets new records

NEWS | 29 March 2018

2017 was a record-breaking year for Nordvision, the Nordic public service partnership. Never before has so much TV been co-produced across the Nordic borders. In the future, a stronger collaboration in Nordic drama will meet the competition from global streaming giants.

In 2017, the Nordvision TV partnership generated 5,100 programme episodes, an increase from the 2016 record of 4,900 episodes, according to Nordvision’s annual report.

The advance has been in co-productions, up 40 per cent from last year Programmes for children represent more than half of the co-produced episodes, while drama, the second largest category, accounts for 14 per cent.

The genres increasing the most in 2017 were factual programmes (up 150 per cent) as well as culture and investigative journalism (up 100 per cent, respectively).

Plans for more Nordic drama
With the rise of international streaming services, the supply of American fiction series is greater than ever. Therefore, in 2017, DR, Yle, RÚV, NRK and SVT agreed on a new strategy for strengthened cooperation on Nordic drama productions, with the ambition to increase both the volume and the quality of Nordic drama, not least through the broadcasters’ streaming services.

New radio app
Nordvision’s cooperation also supports media research and media development across the Nordic boundaries. For example, in 2017 the research departments of DR and NRK launched a survey on the use of news across media and platforms. The same companies now also have the same radio app and share a technical platform for music.


Download PDF directly (annual report 2018 in English)
Nordvision's website: Annual Reports (in English and Scandivian)
Number of co-productions and programme exchanges among the Nordic public service media organisations 2012–2017, table from Nordicom’s statistical database (Excel)


About: Nordvision is a TV and media partnership involving DR (Denmark), Yle (Finland), RÚV (Iceland), NRK (Norway), and SVT, SR and UR (Sweden), which started in 1959. Its 2017 annual report provides key data and information on co-productions, programme and knowledge exchange, and so on, for the year among the Nordic public service broadcasters.