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NEWS | 5 March 2018

Are you interested in media policy in the Nordic region? Nordicom’s compilations of government reports in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden provide links to public inquiries over several decades. The lists, newly updated, are available on Nordicom’s website.

Nordicom documents official reports on media and freedom of speech in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden on a continuous basis. The compilations link to both current and historical reports in each country.

The most comprehensive collection is the Swedish list, linking to almost a century of official government reports (from 1922 on), while the Norwegian list goes nearly 50 years back in time (from 1972 on). The Danish and Finnish lists include official reports and studies as of the year 2000.

Media policy in the digital society – current examples
Today’s urgent media policy issue – what should media politicians do in relation to the digital development and competition – is analysed, inter alia, in two broad official reports: the Norwegian report on media pluralism (2017) and the Swedish one on a media policy for the future (2016).

All countries focus on the conditions and role of public service media in the changing media landscape. Some current examples are reports analysing different future scenarios for public service media (Denmark), the role and governance of Yle (Finland), the financing of NRK and the conditions for commercial public service TV (Norway) and public service funding (Sweden).

In Denmark, a new media policy agreement is underway, and is expected to enter into force at the turn of 2018/2019. The Danish list links to a number of reports contributing to the groundwork in the preparation of agreements, including e.g. the above-mentioned public service report and an analysis of the impact of global companies’ on the Danish media industry.

Most of the reports are available in the national languages only.

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More about the lists: The compilations for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden contain documents of different types – partly because the investigation procedure can look different, but also because the lists are limited to what is systematically published in digital format. Updates are done in May/June and December/January each year. The documentation of the official reports is a part of Nordicom's media trends service.


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