Nordic cultural statistics on the agenda

| 17 November 2014

[NORDICOM] Is there a need for coordinated Nordic cultural statistics? If so, what are the possibilities to create such a knowledge resource? This was discussed by a group of representatives of politics, practice and research at a Nordic expert meeting in October, organized by Nordicom.

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ strategy for Nordic cultural cooperation 2013-2020 addresses the need for more research and broader knowledge when culture policy is to be formulated and implemented. An important part of this may be more developed Nordic cultural statistics.

Report on a Nordic knowledge resource
With the Nordic cultural strategy as a background, Nordicom was asked by the Nordic Council of Ministers to map the need and possibilities for a better coordination of Nordic cultural statistics. This mission resulted in a report by Christian S. Nissen on a Nordic culture knowledge resource, mapping the needs and possibilities for as well as the obstacles to a better coordination of Nordic cultural statistics (Report title in Danish: "En kundskabsressource for nordisk kulturpolitik. Forundersøgelse om behov, muligheder og barrierer for en bedre samordning af nordisk kulturstatistik").

Expert meeting on needs, willingness and possibilities
A possible development of a Nordic cultural knowledge resource is an issue for many concerned parties. In order to move one step further, Nordicom invited representatives of ministries and agencies, statisticians and researchers from the Nordic countries, and representatives of Nordic organizations active in the cultural field, to a Nordic expert meeting in Stockholm on October 29.

With Christian S. Nissen’s report as a basis and starting point, the meeting aimed to evaluate the need, desire and realistic opportunities to move forward with a Nordic initiative on the coordination of knowledge, with statistics in focus.

The conclusions of the meeting will be summarized by Ulla Carlsson, Nordicom, and Christian S. Nissen, in a report to the Nordic Council of Ministers by the end of the year.

Download the report (PDF in Danish)

Nordic Council of Ministers’ Strategy for Nordic Cultural Co-operation 2013–2020

Nordic Culture Forum: The question about coordinating Nordic cultural statistics was also presented by Christian S. Nissen at a Nordic Culture Forum arranged by Nordic Culture Point on November 30, under the conference theme “How do you quantify the impact of a work of art?” Read more