NEWS | 20 Mar 2017

New record for Nordic TV and media partnership

Never before has so much TV been co-produced across Nordic boundaries. This is reported in the 2016 annual report from Nordvision, the partnership among the Nordic public service broadcasters. The youth drama series Shame and journalistic collaboration around the so-called Panama Papers are two examples of Nordic projects from last year.

In 2016, the Nordvision partnership generated 4,909 programme episodes, an increase from the 2015 record of 4,849 episodes. The advance has been in co-productions, up 13 per cent from last year, which has meant more programmes mainly for children and young people as well as involving investigative journalism.

The 2016/2017 annual report highlights the Norwegian drama series Shame (Skam), produced by the youth editors of NRK, as an example of Nordic co-production. Other new joint ventures were in the fields of investigative journalism – including the so-called Panama Papers story – as well as the renewal of radio cooperation and digital collaboration on Euro 2016 football.

Nordvision also supports media research across the Nordic borders. In 2016, the research departments of DR, YLE, NRK and SVT conducted a study on TV streaming, showing that even though broadcast TV is still popular among the wider population, the under-40s prefer streaming to broadcast. (In 2015, the research departments conducted a study on young people's media use in the Nordic countries.)



About: Nordvision is a TV and media partnership involving DR (Denmark), Yle (Finland), RÚV (Iceland), NRK (Norway), and SVT, SR and UR (Sweden). The annual report provides key data and information on co-productions, programme and knowledge exchange, and so on, for 2016 among the Nordic public service broadcasters.