NEWS | 16 Feb 2018

New Nordic research literature

Another year of new Nordic research literature has passed. As usual, we have compiled lists of selected publications that was released in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden during 2017. 

Social media, digital methods, journalism, politics, drama, language and propaganda – there is a lot of new research to keep up to date with in the field of media and communication research. To make it easier to navigate among the new titles, we annually compile lists with a selection of new literature from the Nordic countries. 

The titles from last year covers, among other things: language in a digital era (DK), media and global climate knowledge (FI), populist communication(NO), sustainable journalism(SE), drama, theater and democracy (NO) and E-books (SE). In addition, topics like social media is addressed in relation to marketing (DK), fake news (DK) and politics (FI). 

Here you’ll find the 2017 lists from the respective countries