New Nordic database for comparative statistics

NEWS | 8 December 2018

The Nordic Council of Ministers has moved their statistics to a new digital platform, the Nordic Statistics database. Here you can compare statistics from the Nordic countries in many interesting areas, such as culture, education, and gender equality.

Since the mid-1960s, the Nordic Council of Ministers has collected facts and statistics about the Nordic countries and has published several statistical books. In recent years, the Council has worked to make their online statistical database more user-friendly and flexible.

This work has resulted in a new database, the Nordic Statistics database, containing about 200 matrices. The data are gathered from various national, Nordic, and international statistical sources.

What makes the database flexible is the possibility it offers users to download data based on certain parameters and variables, such as country, year, and gender.

The database contains data in the areas of culture (including cinemas, libraries, books, etc.), education, elections, environment and energy, foreign trade, geography and climate, health, housing and construction, integration and migration, labour market, gender equality, sustainability, population, prices and consumption, public finance, science and technology, social integration and income, business, economy, and agriculture.

The Nordic Statistics database is freely accessible to all.

In collaboration with OECD, the Council has also created another Nordic statistical database, the Nordic iLibrary, containing indicators based on a selection of the variables from the Nordic Statistics database.


Each year, the Council also publishes a pocket yearbook of statistics and infographics about the previous year. To help place the Nordic Region in an international perspective, the latest issue (published in October 2018) has supplemented figures for the Nordic countries and region with international figures.

Download Nordic Statistics 2018 from Nordpub


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English translation: Eva Harrie