New issues of Norsk medietidsskrift and Media & viestintä

NEWS | 14 December 2017

The national research journals in Norway and in Finland have both released new issues during December. Norsk Medietidsskrift 4/2017 cover themes such as religion, editorship and sources, Media & Viestintä 3-4/2017 is a special issue on Truth, Lies, Media and Communication. 


Norsk Medietidskrift, 4/2017

The December issue of Norsk Medietidsskrift consist of three scientific articles. The first one deals with how the audience relates to media coverage of religious conflicts, the second one examines the changing editorial role in a time when media change and the third article looks at how children and the elderly is being marginalized as sources. The journal also contains a commentary by Oscar Westlund about the debate on “fake news” and three book reviews.

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Media & Viestintä 3-4/2017

Media & Viestintä’s special issue Truth, Lies, Media and Communication presents three research articles: an analysis of the concept of truth throughout the history of media research, a case study of affectivity and factuality in a lobby campaign, and an analysis of the "fake media site" MV-lehti’s accounting of its sources. 

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