NEWS | 11 Mar 2019

New issues of MedieKultur and Media & viestintä

The research journals MedieKultur and Media & viestintä in Denmark and Finland, respectively, have published new issues. MedieKultur’s theme is "Cultural Critique: Re-negotiating cultural authority in digital media culture"; on the other hand, the theme of Media & viestintä is "Media, hope and future".

MedieKultur: Journal of media and communication research 

MedieKultur is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal with the objective of contributing to critical reflection and the development of theories and methods in media and communication research. It is issued twice a year, and publishes content in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English. The format is open access, with older issues digitised and available online.

The latest issue consist of four articles written in English and two in Danish. The articles discuss the definition and reassessment of intellectuals within the new digital media landscape. One article reflects on the cultural criticism apparent on digital platforms and analyses the YouTuber PewDiePie as a culture-critical actor. They also discuss the use of Facebook by cultural Danish media personalities and the reviews that ordinary people publish online. 

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Media & viestintä

Media & viestintä is a peer-reviewed scientific journal for Finnish media, communication and journalism research published by the Finnish Association for Media and Communication Studies, Mevi. Its content is published in Finnish, with English abstracts for the reviewed articles. It is released four times a year, and from 2014 operated as an open-access journal.

The latest issue, 4/2018, contains five peer-reviewed articles whose common theme is hope and future scenarios in the media. The articles discuss how the future is constructed as an ideal in journalism and how digital media can increase the participation of young media users. Other themes are: a comparative methodology for the comparison of foreign journalism in Finland and the United States, the relationship between sports journalism and changing elite sports, and the historical perceptions of daily articles about organic and locally produced food. 

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