NYHET | 29 Mar 2018

New issues of Media & viestintä and Norsk medietidsskrift

This year’s first issue of the national research journals in Finland and Norway has been released. The Finnish journal Media & viestintä 1/2018 cover themes such as cyber security, online discussions on the Suomi24 forum and participatory journalism. Norsk medietidsskrift 1/2018 deals with topics like law and ethics, digital radio and methodical criticism. 

Media & viestintä 1/2018
This year, Media & viestintä celebrates its 40th anniversary and this first issue consist of four peer reviewed articles: cyber security as an area of business, the reporting on the cellulose factory in Lievestuore near Jyväskylä in the 1970’s, online discussions on the Suomi24 forum and participatory journalism.

This issue also contains knowledge overviews covering the concept of multiliteracy in the Finnish national curricula and ethics in social media research. 

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Norsk medietidsskrift, 1/2018
Norsk medietidsskrift starts the year with a mixed issue, consisting of three scientific articles. The first one deals with the boundaries of  press ethics in relation to the law. Article number two offers methodological criticism with regards to measuring TV consumption – are the methods used really reliable? The third and last article takes us to the future of of audio media and looks at the opportunities offered by radio and audio media on the internet and in the mobile phones.

This year’s first issue also contains a comment by Rune Ottosen titled “Mediene må bidra til en opplyst samtale om vår sikkerhetspolitikk” [The media must contribute to an enlightened conversation about our security policy] and two book reviews. 

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