A new issue is out: Media Trends in the Nordic Countries 2-2019

The Nordics are high performers in digitisation in European and global comparisons. As for media use, there is a continuous shift to digital consumption, but age gaps are increasing. These are some of the themes covered in this newsletter, all with a focus on the Nordic countries.
 | 19 September 2019

Media Trends in the Nordic Countries 2-2019 reports on a number of media surveys, media policy issues, research results, etc., in the Nordic countries. Below are some examples of the content in this new issue.

Finland is the EU’s best-performing country in digitisation. The other Nordic countries also peak in the European ranking, according to a 2019 digital EU index (DESI).

Norway is world leader in paying for online news. In the past year, one-third (34 per cent) of the Norwegian population paid for digital news, according to the Digital News Report 2019. Sweden, Finland and Denmark have among the highest levels also, according to the Digital News Report 2019. 

The digitisation in media use in the Nordic region is visible in current media use studies from Finland, Norway and Sweden. As the younger population’s media consumption is becoming more digital, older consumers still prefer traditional media, and age gaps are increasing.

A shift to tax-based funding of public service media in all the Nordic countries has happened – or is in progress – over the course of just a decade. However, the models chosen are not totally alike. We have mapped the similarities and differences in the different countries.

Geoblocking is a common obstacle for Nordic TV viewers wanting to watch TV online services from neighbouring Nordic countries. A study, commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers, recommends that the Nordic public service companies block programmes only when absolutely necessary, in order to provide more Nordic content for Nordic TV viewers.

As for news from Nordicom, the first issue of the Nordic Journal of Media Studies is published, exploring the ongoing changes of media infrastructures resulting from digitisation. Moreover, NordMedia Network, a new platform for Nordic media researchers has been launched, including a new researcher database open for Nordic media researchers to register – and for journalists and others to find experts within different areas.

Eva Harrie

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