NEWS | 21 Jun 2018

New issue: Norsk medietidskrift 2/2018

The diversity of journalistic sources in different media types, the slow TV phenomenon, and the polarization of media usage by political ideology are among the topics covered in the new issue of Norsk medietidskrift, the Norwegian research journal in the media and communication field.

This new issue starts with an opinion column, discussing the boundaries of what we can call media science. The media are in the midst of a comprehensive digitization of society, and are therefore no longer demarcated from other areas in the same way as before. If the media is ‘all’, it is also ‘nothing’. The question challenges what media science should involve – and is therefore also crucial for what is to be published in Norsk medietidskrift.

 The first of this issue’s three scientific articles is written by Helle Sjøvaag, who investigates the diversity of sources in the news. Her findings show that the inflow of sources has different profiles in national media, regional newspapers, and local newspapers.

 In the next article, Roel Puijk and Elisabeth Urdal present research on the phenomenon of slow TV, also called ‘minute by minute’ TV, exploring why viewers are watching and how they experience the programmes.

 Finally, Erik Knudsen, Magnus Hoem Iversen and Eirik Vatnøy take their starting point in the debate on polarization in the American election campaign, and investigate whether the same patterns in media use and trust can be found among Norwegian voters depending on their ideology on the left/right scale.

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About the journal: Norsk medietidskrift is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes articles by Norwegian, Nordic and international media scholars. The journal, owned by the Norwegian research organization in the media and communications field (Norsk medieforskerlag), is published by Universitetsforlaget. Read more (in English)



English translation by: Eva Harrie