New issue: Media & viestintä 2/2018

NEWS | 10 August 2018

This year’s second issue of the Finnish research journal Media & viestintä has been published. Among other things, this issue deals with the ethical and practical difficulties facing researchers in their work. 

This year’s second issue of Media & viestintä contains two scientific articles. The first one investigates how Finnish cultural journalists perceived the US TV series Mad Men and contributed to its cultural acceptance by serving as gatekeepers, marketers and reviewers.  The second article examines the role of blocking in political debates of social media. Blocking restricts specific social media users from following and participating in ongoing debates. The articles are written in Finnish, but English abstracts are available. 

The journal also contains presentations of the history of the journal, written by six former editors, and three book reviews, including “AD WARS – Digital Challenges for Ad-Financed News Media in the Nordic Countries” published by Nordicom in 2017. The book is available to download for free here. 


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This year, the journal notes its 40th anniversary by expanding its digital archive. Read Tiedotustutkimus (1978-1989) and Media & Viestintä (1990-2014) digitally here (in Finnish).