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NEWSLETTER | 12 September 2017

The Nordic countries are becoming increasingly digital and increasingly mobile. There is a continuing growth of online media use, with the Nordic countries ranking high in international comparisons. But there is also evidence that media users are not simply forsaking traditional media from one day to the next.

Media Trends in the Nordic Countries 2-2017 reports on a number of media surveys, research results, media policy issues, etc., in the Nordic countries. Below are some examples of the content in the September edition.

The Nordic countries are becoming increasingly mobile. The data volume in the mobile networks keeps growing strongly throughout the region, but with Finland far above its neighbours. High-speed broadband subscriptions are also increasingly popular, and all the Nordic countries – especially Sweden– top the EU ranking. Moreover, the Nordics are among Europe’s most avid users of smartphones for reading news online.

The use of traditional media, however, remains fairly stable. This is according to both national surveys and Nordic comparisons reporting on, e.g., listening to flow radio, watching linear TV, and reading a printed book.

When it comes to paying for content, people in the Nordic countries are the most willing to pay for online news, with Norway at the top, according to the Digital News Report 2017 comparison of 36 countries around the globe. Two Norwegian studies confirm that a majority of the country’s newspapers now have paywalls, and that the number of digital subscriptions is growing – and they note the increasing importance of reader payment in these times of huge drops in advertising revenues.

Freedom of expression is an ever-important question on the Nordic and European, as well as global, level. A newly released book, The Legacy of Peter Forsskål. 250 Years of Freedom of Expression, sheds light on the long history of free speech in Sweden and Finland. Moreover, the book provides an overview of the legislation on access to information in the Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – as well as European and international rules.

A number of Nordic reports, such as Nordic Voices on Freedom of Expression, as well as reports mapping online hate speech legislation in the Nordic countries and the regulation of gender-discriminatory advertising in the Nordic countries, are other important contributions in the field related to free speech in the digital world.


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