NEWSLETTER | 5 Apr 2017

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic countries

The effects of digitalization run as a thread throughout this year’s first Nordic newsletter. Research shows how, in the highly digitalized Nordic countries, there is a great change in media use as well as the advertising markets and financing of journalism. And the media politicians have responded with a number of proposals, or by launching new inquiries.

Media Trends in the Nordic Countries 1-2017 reports on a number of media surveys, research results, media policy issues, etc., in the Nordic countries. Below are some examples of the content in the April edition.

The growth of online TV is shown in Nordicom’s compilation of Nordic TV data, as well as in the first results from our Swedish media use survey (the Media Barometer).

The Nordics again top the EU index of the most digitalized countries. At the same time, Eurostat data on Internet use show that among the youth, the EU average is now on par with that of the Nordic countries, though there are still large differences between the older age groups.

In the media policy field, there have been suggestions for the future financing of public service media, proposals to support news production in commercial media, and proposals for financial measures to ensure media diversity and qualitative journalism as tools for democracy. The Norwegian Commission for Media Pluralism especially calls for politicians to speed up their media policy work.

Media literacy and freedom of speech are two important questions high on the agenda on a Nordic and European as well as global level. The newsletter lists a number of publications, by Nordicom and others, taking a closer grip on research, plans and actions in the field.

Soon, Nordicom will be releasing a study on how the competition from global digital ad platforms affects the media and journalism in the Nordic countries. Read a short presentation in the newsletter – and don’t forget to follow our news section – or social media – for future reporting. 


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