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A new issue of European Media Policy is released

NEWSLETTER | 12 April 2021

Welcome to this year's first issue of our European Media Policy newsletter.

Some of the contents:

  • The calls to reign in the power of Big Tech grew even louder after the Capitol Hill riots in January.
  • European lawmakers have begun delving into the proposed new rulebook for digital platforms, the DSA and the DMA. Some comments have emerged.
  • Silicon Valley firms are visibly worried about EU policy developments. Three of the top ten corporate spenders on lobbying in Brussels are tech companies.
  • After the recent Facebook–Australia dispute, press publishers called for an Australian-style arbitration mechanism to be implemented in Europe to make sure the tech gatekeepers pay fairly for use of their content. But would it be of any use to small publishers?
  • Many journalist and human rights groups are very concerned about the proposed EU regulation on terrorist content online. Soon, the European Parliament is to vote on the final text.
  • A hot debate in the EU Parliament showed growing concerns about media freedom in Europe but also political divisions and divergent views on what – and where – the problem lies.


Download European Media Policy 1, 2021 (PDF, 380 KB)

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European Media Policy is a newsletter published by Nordicom and edited by Anna Celsing. Published three times a year, it focuses specifically on developments in media policy at the European level, such as new proposals for legislation, debates in the European Parliament, recently taken or impending policy decisions, EU studies in the field, and so forth.

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