New issue of European Media Policy newsletter

| 14 December 2015

A new issue of Nordicom's newsletter European Media Policy has been published. Read about policy developments at the European level, as well as some international news.

A few of the news items:

  • Even before the recent terrorist attacks in Paris concern was voiced about new surveillance measures introduced in Europe and the effects they could have on freedom of expression. Since the attacks more such measures have been introduced.
  • A Regulation to allow EU residents to access digital content when they are traveling in other EU countries has recently been proposed, as well an action plan for further copyright reforms.
  • Many worry about the increasingly dominant role of online platforms like Google and Facebook in today’s society. Now the EU Commission has launched a public consultation to look into the role of platforms in the distribution of online content.
  • The EU's highest court struck down the Safe Harbour agreement, a deal between the EU and the US that allowed companies to easily transfer personal data from Europe to the United States. This landmark ruling has stirred up much debate on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • New EU rules on net neutrality will soon become law following the EU Parliament's recent final approval of the new telecoms package. But the debate on certain controversial points is not over yet.


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