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NEWSLETTER | 24 Mar 2020

A new issue of European Media Policy is here

European Media Policy 1-2020 themes

Media policy is perhaps not what European policy-makers think about the most these days, but the media are both involved in and affected by the coronavirus health crisis. This in turn has had repercussions on current policies as well as those under development.

In this new issue of our European Media Policy newsletter you can read about, for example:

  • what the EU is doing to fight the wave of disinformation about COVID-19 and how this could affect upcoming EU measures to combat false information
  • new concerns about facial recognition, one of the technologies covered by the EU Commission’s recently launched strategy on artificial intelligence
  • how the EU’s flagship data protection regulations are being watered down by the crisis

But there are also other types of news, such as:

  • new EU actions – and money – to support journalism and media
  • Chinese Huawei edging into 5-G networks in Europe


Download European Media Policy 1/2020 (PDF, 372 KB)

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European Media Policy is a newsletter published by Nordicom and edited by Anna Celsing. Published three times a year, it focuses specifically on developments in media policy at the European level, such as new proposals for legislation, debates in the European Parliament, recently taken or impending policy decisions, EU studies in the field, and so forth. Subscribe here.