NEWSLETTER | 18 Mar 2019

New issue: European Media Policy 1/2019

Welcome to this year's first issue of our European Media Policy newsletter. The newsletter provides an update on policy developments at the European level, concentrating on news from the European Union.

Some of the contents in this March issue:

  • EU negotiators struck a deal on the controversial copyright reform. But the final vote in the Parliament very soon is a cliffhanger.*
  • Platforms are not doing enough to tackle disinformation. Now there are calls for regulation.
  • Soon there will be EU-wide rules to protect whistleblowers but journalists’ organisations are disappointed.
  • EU-rules to get terrorist content off the web are in the pipeline. There are concerns about risks for freedom of expression.
  • Many are calling for competition law to be used to reign in the power of the tech giants. In February the German competition authority did just that in a ruling against Facebook.
  • Facebook and Google are not the only ones making billions off the personal data we happily give away in exchange for some convenience and fun. Now regulators are beginning to turn their attention to data brokers.


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*UPDATE: The EU Parliament adopted the Copyright Directive
On 26 March, the European Parliament voted in favour for new copyright rules for the internet.
It will now be down to member states's approval in the coming weeks. If the member states accept the text adopted by the European Parliament, it will take effect after publication in the official journal and then member states will have 24 months to implement it. (EH)