NEWS | 14 Jun 2019

New EU rules for streaming services

The report Mediepolitik 2019 - part of the cover
Mediepolitik 2019, the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority (part of the cover)

In a recent report on media policy, the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority describes, among other things, the new EU rules for TV and streaming services. The Directive is to be implemented in the EU countries, plus Iceland and Norway.

Each year, the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority reviews the EU regulatory framework in the media field, as well as Swedish laws and regulations, and current investigations and decisions.

New EU rules for TV and streaming services
The report starts with the EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD); that is, the common European rules for audiovisual media. In November 2018, the EU decided on a number of amendments to the Directive. These will be transposed into the member states' national legislation by September 2020. Iceland and Norway will also implement the Directive.

The changes mean that the rules for on-demand TV become more similar to those for linear TV, as for protection of minors and promoting European works. The advertising rules are to be more equivalent, as well. In addition, basic content and advertising rules are introduced for video-sharing platforms such as YouTube.

Media policy in Sweden
Further, the report by the Press and Broadcasting Authority describes the Swedish regulatory framework for media issues: relevant authorities and their assignments, the Freedom of the Press Act, the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression, and the Radio and Television Act. The Swedish system for newspaper and media subsidies is also described.

An inventory of current Swedish investigations, assignments and political decisions in the media field is also included. Currently, a review of the Radio and Television Act is under way to implement the changes in the EU AVMS Directive[1], an investigation of issues relating to freedom of the press and freedom of expression, and a national initiative to increase media and information literacy.

Read more about and download Mediepolitik 2019 (in Swedish; for more reading in English see below)

Report series: Mediepolitik [Media Policy] is part of the authority's report series Medieutveckling [Media Development], in which annual reports on media consumption and media economics (article in English about last year's edition) are also published.


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[1] Update August 2019: Sweden

On 16 August 2019, the 2018 Audiovisual Media Inquiry presented its report, proposing legislative changes and other actions needed to implement the revised AVMS Directive. It relates mainly to changes to the Radio and TV Act. During autumn 2019, the report is on referral. A Government Bill is planned for spring 2020.

The report includes an extensive summary in English.

Read more and download: En moderniserad radio- och tv-lag – genomförande av ändringar i AV-direktivet [A Modernised Radio and TV Act – Implementation of Changes in the AVMS Directive]