PUBLICATIONS | 20 Jun 2016

New edition of MedieSverige

For 25 years Nordicom has regularly published MedieSverige [MediaSweden], providing readers with facts and figures on the Swedish media landscape. A new issue, in Swedish only, is now available for download or purchase.

Throughout the years, MedieSverige has contained both analysis of and statistics on the development of media in Sweden. For this edition, MedieSverige 2016, we have focused on giving the reader an easily accessible outlook on the Swedish media landscape through statistics only. The aim is to provide a selection of basic facts and figures on the current landscape.

The report starts with a general overview of the media landscape, followed by sections on newspapers, books, periodicals, television, and radio.

One intent with the data is to show how the development into a digitalized society is reflected in the development of media. Today 90% of the Swedish population has access to the Internet, and the speed of receiving data tripled from 2010 to 2015. This of course has had an impact on people having increasingly come to use digital services, even among the elderly. The data in MedieSverige show a decline in watching television on a regular TV set and a drop in reading print newspapers. In contrast, watching TV online shows a rapid increase over the past two years, and the reading of newspapers online has continually increased over the past ten years. While a growing share of the population spends more time on audiovisual content and news online, this pattern is not applicable to reading books and magazines. The use of e-books and digital magazines is low, compared with TV online and digital newspapers.

These developments are also reflected in data on advertising expenditures: more money goes into advertising on digital platforms and less into newspapers, and into increasing turnover in, for example, pay-TV subscriptions and newspaper circulation.

Although the data on digital expenditure and the use of digital media are not yet fully developed or accessible, it is our hope that more elaborate information can be presented in a future edition of MedieSverige.

The author is Ulrika Facht. The publication is in Swedish only.

A printed copy of MedieSverige 2016 is available for purchase (SEK 150). The report is free for download (PDF). Read more

As of MedieSverige 2007, older editions are free for download  here

Media statistics are also available online in Nordicom's table database