NEWS | 15 Oct 2018

Media & viestintä 3/2018

This year’s third issue of the Finnish research journal Media & viestintä has been published. Among other things, this issue deals with journalism’s interpretation of economic policies, the ideological debate about refugees, and co-creation in television.

This year’s third issue of Media & viestintä contains an editorial about environmental science and the ecological footprint left by scientists due to their extensive travel by plane. This issue also contains three articles. The first article examines how journalism has interpreted austerity and economic policies, according to The Economist. The second article investigates the ideological discourse used in the Finnish online magazine MV-lehti (WTF-magazine), which is known for being controversial and against mainstream media in Finland. The final article investigates television professionals’ current practices in using citizen volunteers.

The journal also contains an analysis on fact checking, an introduction to Jürgen Habermas’ book The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, and two book reviews, including Picturing the Cosmos: A Visual History of Early Soviet Space Endeavour.

The articles are written in Finnish, but English abstracts are available.

Read Media & viestintä 3/2018 here