NEWSLETTER | 8 Apr 2020

Media Trends in the Nordic Region – the April Issue

The situation for media VAT rates in the Nordic countries has been mapped. In Finland and Norway, the media industry and media pluralism are being assessed. And the popularity of streaming video and audio services continues to grow. Read more in this issue of Nordicom’s Nordic newsletter.

Media Trends in the Nordic Region 1-2020 reports on a number of media surveys, media policy issues, research results, and so forth from the first quarter of the year, before the Covid-19 crisis took off.

Still, it connects to current issues about safeguarding media plurality and access to quality journalism:

  • In Finland, a research team has produced a report assessing the country's media policy and media industry focusing on journalistic media. In Norway, the Norwegian Media Authority has launched a new media pluralism account (mediemangfoldsregnskap).
  • Reduced VAT rates is one way to support the media financially. Nordicom has mapped the indirect media support in the Nordic region and found similarities, but also major differences, between the countries.

Some more examples of what you can read in the newsletter:

  • In an EU comparison, the Nordics are in the forefront when it comes to online shopping, social media and Internet of Things.
  • Streaming services continue to gain ground. For example, DR's report on the media development in Denmark shows that half of Danish children under the age of three use YouTube weekly. More people are also listening to audio books, according to other reports from Norway and Denmark.
  • The EU Kids Online project has examined children's opportunities and risks online in 19 European countries, including Finland and Norway.
  • As for news from Nordicom, we are happy to present a research anthology, The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama. There are also several new Nordicom Review articles published online.


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Media Trends in the Nordic Countries 1-2020 – online version; linking to news online

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